On August 20, 1962, the Tangerine Bowl opened its doors to the bowlers of Quincy and the surrounding area.  It was the premier bowling center in the tri-states.  Built and owned by Melvin and Roger Richmiller, it was a showcase of modern bowling lanes, machines and seating.  Also included, was a restaurant and bar that served steaks, pork chops and chicken dinners.

A large pool room with five 8-foot tables and a 10-foot snooker table was a main part of the building.  It quickly became the place you went to work on your pool-shooting ability.  The Tangerine also offered a nursery for the younger children of the women bowlers who bowled during the mornings and afternoons. 

In 1962, the bowling balls that most bowlers used were black in color and made of hard rubber.  As time passed, the balls started to change to soft rubber, plastic, urethane, reactive resin urethane, and now are mostly particle coverstock balls. 

Just as the bowling balls changed, so did the scoring.  It went from paper and pencil to telescorers (wax pencil and clear plastic score sheets), to the first automatic scoring system in 1977.  In October 1984, Brunswick As-80 Automcatic Scoring was installed.  During the summer of 2009, 42" LCD Flat Panel TV's were installed for the overhead monitors on each lane.  These screens, from Quibica/AMF Scoring, contain vibrant colors and amazing graphics. 

Over the years, the Tangerine Bowl has hosted three Illinois Women's Bowling Association State Tournaments (1974, 1999, and 2009). The have also hosted two Illinois Youth Association State Tournaments (1988 and 2003).  In 1976, the Illinois Moose State Tournament Doubles and Singles was held at the facility.  George Billings, Jr. bowled the very first 300 game ever bowled at the Tangerine Bowl.  He received $300.00 and the big trophy that used to sit on the main counter.

On June 26, 1996, Melvin and Roger Richmiller sold the Tangerine Bowl to Marvin and Cheryl Hoebing, Ross and Becky Hoebing, and Pete and Kathy Holtschlag.  A lot of changes have been made since the change in ownership.  In addition to putting in a new scoring system and new overhead monitors, the banquet facility, located in the lower level, has been updated.  They have enhanced the party room that is used for birthday parties and have brought Shadowlight bowling to the Quincy, IL area.  Shadowlight bowling is a new twist to an old game that includes blacklights, music, fog machines, and glow in the dark bowling balls.  New seat covers have also been installed which glow during Shadowlight bowling.

The current owners have continued the tradition that Melvin and Roger Richmiller started with having the premier bowling facility in the area.  Although the Tangerine has gone through many changes, one thing remains the same - it's a great place to bring your family and friends if you want to have fun.

Tangerine Bowl
3530 Maine Quincy, IL 62301